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Common Risks in Schools and Corresponding Preventive Measures

There are many health and safety risks in schools. Our free poster summarises some of the most common and shares preventative measures.

 Image of Learn Q Common Risks in Schools and Corresponding Preventive Measures poster visualSlips trips and falls

Often due to wet floors, uneven surfaces, or clutter.

Preventative Measures: Regular maintenance and cleaning, making sure that the right signs are up, educating students and staff on excellent housekeeping habits.

Physical dangers

include injuries from playground equipment, classroom tools, or during physical activities and sports.

Preventative Measures: Ensuring appropriate equipment upkeep, putting safety guidelines into place for activities, and offering sufficient supervision during playtime.

Hazardous substances

Various dangerous compounds may be used in laboratories and other settings at schools.

Preventative Measures: recognise and evaluate the dangers related to compounds, train workers appropriately, and follow the right disposal processes.

Security and Safeguarding

Including unauthorised access to the school or bullying.

Preventative Measures: restricting property access, checking employee backgrounds, setting specific protocols for reporting, and encouraging a culture of alertness.


Accidents due to fire.

Preventative Measures: Regular fire risk assessments, upkeep of fire alarm systems, fire drills, and the provision of obvious evacuation routes.

Download our free visual which summarises these crucial areas by clicking here.

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