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Allergy Awareness Week 2024 is the 13th – 19th May, and we are giving away a FREE Food Allergens Poster to help raise awareness!

What is Allergy Awareness Week UK?

Allergy Awareness Week UK is an annual event that aims to increase awareness and understanding of various allergies and the challenges they pose. It also seeks to provide support to individuals who experience allergies by highlighting organizations and charities that offer help and resources, such as Allergy UK. The event educates people about the severity of certain allergies and the potentially life-threatening consequences.

What is an allergy?

An allergy is a reaction that occurs when an individual’s immune system perceives a specific substance, like food or pollen, as a threat. This can lead to a range of symptoms, from mild itching to severe and life-threatening anaphylaxis. While allergies are more commonly found in children, they can persist into adulthood.

What Resources can help me support people with Allergies?

Looking for a way to promote allergen awareness in your workplace or business? Learn Q has got you covered! We are offering a FREE allergen awareness poster to help you and your team stay on top of allergen management.

This poster is a useful visual aid that highlights the 14 allergens, their names, and where they can commonly be found. It also provides tips on how to handle allergens safely and prevent cross-contamination, all in an easy-to-understand format.

Our poster is perfect for restaurants, cafes, schools, and other food businesses to ensure that staff are aware of allergens and able to take the necessary precautions to keep customers safe.

Click here, complete the simple form and we will email our poster to you so that you can start promoting allergen awareness in your workplace or business!

Can I provide my colleagues with training on Allergy Awareness?

Yes. The Learn Q Allergen Awareness training course for food handlers covers the identification of 14 allergens, handling of foods containing allergens, and providing accurate information to customers. It also provides knowledge about food allergies, intolerance, cross-contamination, and emergency action.

Completion of the course ensures compliance with the latest regulations, including Natasha’s Law, and helps prevent serious injury or death for customers at risk.

Upon completion, learners receive their Allergen Awareness Course Certificate immediately.

You can take the Learn Q Allergen Awareness course as a stand alone course for £17.50, or receive it free of charge when you purchase our Food Hygiene Level 2 and Allergy Awareness course bundle, also priced at just £17.50.

If you or your colleagues require additional training, you can save 50% by signing up for our Food Hygiene Essentials 4 course bundle for £34.98 (a saving over £35) , which contains:

or if you are a supervisor, you can save 50% on the Supervisor 5 course bundle for just £34.98 (a saving over £35) , which contains:

Ensuring you are aware of allergens will help you to deliver safe food to all of your customers.

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