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Allergen Awareness


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Course Overview: Allergen Awareness

Identifying the 14 allergens and handling foods containing allergens is a legal requirement for food handlers. We provide learners with information about food allergies and intolerances, allergic reactions and symptoms, and 14 allergens and products that contain them in our Allergen training course. There is information about the operator’s responsibilities, what information should be on pre-packaged food labels, and how you can ensure the safety of your customers. Also provide the learner with the correct information on food allergen hazards, and their associated risks to food consumers and customers’ health.

Our online training course is designed for all food handlers including those working in the catering establishments, hospitality sector, and food industry. This is the minimum legal requirement for all those producing food products or food caters (proving food and drinks to the public) in accordance with the Food Information Regulations 2014 and Food Information (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2019 (Natasha’s Law).

The Food Allergen Awareness course will help to build your knowledge around the common causes of food allergens and understanding of the allergic reactions. You are legally required to provide your customers with accurate and up-to-date information about the food they are purchasing, to prevent serious injury or death. Therefore, all those who work in the catering, hospitality or food production business, need to ensure their food products are correctly labelled under the EU Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation.

The course will also give the learner a better understanding of food allergies, food Intolerance, cross contamination of foods, how to keep your customers safe; how to recognise the common symptoms of an allergic reaction, and what action to take in an emergency. Food business owners, managers, supervisors and general food handlers must ensure that they comply with European Food Information Council regulations..

This allergen training course will ensure that all food handlers and food product business are equipped with the latest food allergen information; such as pre-packed food labelling, how to handle food safely, how to avoid foods allergen contaminations and how to comply with the latest regulations including Natasha’s Law (allergen labelling changes: pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS)). The changes to the food labelling legislation (Natasha’s law) came into effect as of the 1st October 2021.

Businesses must ensure that their staff have a very good understanding of the risk associated with food allergens and how they can impact the lives of their customers or consumers. Natasha’s Law clearly demonstrates the importance of good food safety practices and the need to have a better understanding of food allergen risks. Anyone who is at risk can consume food which is not correctly labelled or the food handlers lack of food allergen knowledge can put the consumer at risk of serious injury or death. An allergic reaction can occur after the person at risk inhaling, eating, or touching an allergen substance.

Therefore, this Food Allergy Awareness training course is essential for producers of food products, those selling, or handling food in a food establishment business. Food handlers need to be aware that there are no, known cures for food allergies, and those at risk need to know what ingredients are in the food they are being served or by the ingredients listed on the pre-packed food products they are buying. This will allow those at risk of an allergic reaction, to better manage their risk and avoid serious injury or death.

Your Allergen Awareness Course Certificate will be available immediately upon completion of this online course.

Who is the Allergen Awareness course for?

Food handlers, packages, distributors, processors, food retailers, caterers, or anyone who works with or handles food, will benefit from this allergen course. This can include, but is not limited to, those who need to comply with the latest legislation, new members of staff, or as a part of your regular training and development process.

Anyone who owns, manages, supervises or works in the food industry should ensure that they and their staff are compliant with the latest Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 of the European Parliament and the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (FIC).

Food Handlers Working or wish to Work in the following Sectors;

  • Bartender | Front of House Workers
  • Cafe Staff | Barista | Coffee Shop | Sandwich Shop
  • Food Retailers | Supermarkets | Convenience Stores
  • Food Trucks | Food Vans | Food Markets | Food Stalls
  • Charity Workers | Canteens
  • Chef | General Cook | Support Cook | Kitchen Assistant
  • Food Production | Online Food Retailers | Online Food Sellers
  • Bakeries | Butchers | Delicatessens
  • Kitchens | Home Catering Business | Food Catering Business
  • Nursery Staff | Child Minder | Care Home Staff | Hospitals
  • Hospitality Business | Hotels | Food Buffets
  • Schools | Colleges School | Catering Staff

Course Content

In this course you will learn about:

  • Allergen Awareness Legislation and the Food Labelling Regulations

Awareness of allergens legislation, the Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation, foods prepacked for direct sale (PPDS), latest food labelling regulations, food hygiene safety legislation (Natasha’s Law)

  • Responsibilities

Consumer and operator responsibilities, what are your responsibility as a food business owner; those managing or supervising food handlers and general catering staff.

  • Impact of legislation

How legislation affects employees

  • Food allergy and intolerance

Food allergies and intolerances, understanding of the common food allergens, how it affect those at risk, food assessment risks and food safety hazards.

  • Allergic reactions & symptoms

The common symptoms of allergic reactions, food allergens, understanding the dangers / risks of cross-contamination, allergic reaction emergency; what to do in the event of an emergency; how to effectively identify the various risks and allergic reactions.

  • The 14 allergens

The 14 food allergens that must be declared if used as an ingredient, cereals containing gluten, celery, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame seeds, soya, Sulphur dioxide (sulphites).

  • Packaging and labelling

Allergy information required on packaging, the Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation, foods prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) and Natasha’s Law.

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Key benefits of our training

  • Accredited - meaning our courses deliver what they promise
  • Ensures your company is compliant with best practice, with regulations and with legislation
  • Nationally recognised
  • Consistent message meaning all employees get the same information
  • Saves time - can be studied any time and place on any device – convenient and easy to access
  • Concise messaging conveys exactly what students need to know in the shortest timespan
  • Saves money compared to classroom training / 121 training or many of our competitors
  • Scalable pricing with discounts for bulk purchases

Course Information

Our Food Allergen course is designed to help you better understand your responsibilities regarding 14 allergens and relevant legislation related to them.

This course is delivered and completed online, using a Learning Management Platform (LMS). Each learner will receive their

The assessment for this course is an online multiple choice knowledge review.

This course is CPD accredited, meaning that the time spent will count toward each learner’s Continual Professional Development quota. It is also endorsed by skillsforcare and ROSPA assured.

The course takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.

There are no prerequisite requirements to be able to take this course. This course is designed to provide the learner with the correct information to provide a safe food product to their customers or consumers who may be at risk from foods containing one or more allergens.

In the UK, the Food Standards Agency has set out guidelines that tackle how allergens and food labels work together, protecting those with allergies and ensuring that they are not put at risk of harm.

New legislation came into force on the 1st of October 2021 as a part of “Natasha’s Law” after a young lady died because the food that she ate did not have the full list of ingredients and, therefore, allergens listed on the packaging.

It requires that all businesses now label food that is pre-packed for direct sale with the 14 allergens (if they are within the product) highlighted in bold. It covers pre-packed sandwiches and wraps as well as deli counter products such as meat and cheese.

This is designed to help anyone who has a certain food allergy to protect themselves when they are eating away from home or even eating in their own home.

Once you have successfully completed the Allergen Awareness Training Course, a quality assured Certificate will be immediately available online for you to download at your leisure. This certificate is universally accepted across the food catering, hospitality, and catering industry.

Allergen Awareness Learn Q course image

Allergen Awareness


If you are buying multiple courses, you can qualify for a discounted rate as shown below:  
Quantity Discount Per Item Price
10-49 10% £15.75
50-99 20% £14.00
100-399 30% £12.25
400-499 40% £10.50
For 500+ courses, please contact our helpful and friendly team on 0333 444 1302 to learn about our exclusive rates.

To purchase this course, simply:

  • Click the ‘add to basket’ button
  • Then complete the checkout process in your basket (your basket can be accessed by clicking the icon at the top of the page. 

Once you have made payment:

  • You will receive a confirmation of your purchase via an automatic email, plus your buyer account log in credentials for use with any future purchases
  • A member of our team will contact you for the full names and email addresses of all candidates
  • A learner profile will be set up for each candidate on our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learners will be enrolled in the course(s) that you have purchased. 
  • Log in credentials will be sent directly to candidates so that they can log in and complete their training.
  • Certificates are downloadable directly from the course as soon as candidates have completed them.


Certificates are available for download in the Learning Management System (LMS) immediately upon completion of the course including passing any knowledge review, or you can access it at a later date.

If you are ordering multiple courses, and someone in your organisation would like a master account where all learner’s certificates can be accessed, please let us know by emailing after you have completed your purchase. 

There is no expiry date for this certificate, however you may want to refresh the course periodically. The timescale for a refresh depends on the type of course that is being taken and the nature of your business. Ideally, the refresh regularity should be based on a thorough risk assessment of your business and tailored to the unique needs of your organisation and customers (if you are unsure how to complete a risk assessment, you can learn more by completing our Risk Assessment Awareness course).

If you are looking for a general rule for refresh training, every 12-18 months is good practice for the courses that Learn Q offer (we will also email you a reminder when you approach the recommended refresh date).

Please keep in mind the following exclusions:

  • In the case of an internal incident- if there has been an incident within your business where an employee, a customer or a client has been injured then this then means that it is important to refresh all colleagues with the relevant training to minimise the chance of it happening again. 
  • In the case of an external incident- if there has been an incident outside of your business, but within your industry then this could be a time to refresh relevant training. Of course, this will only be applicable if the incident is severe, and you think that it poses a risk to your business and those who work within it and those who are clients. At the very least, it is going to be worthwhile refreshing their Health and Safety training. 
  • If a process changes- if an internal process has changed, then it is going to be a good time to refresh any training that relates to this process. Particularly if you feel that it might impact what has been previously learnt.
  • If you bring in new equipment- if you introduce new equipment, you should provide training that is relevant to this change. Even if the change is slight; after all, prevention is always better than cure. 
  • If there has been a change in the environment- if you move premises or have some changes made to where you work, then you will need to think about some of the training. This includes COSHH and Health and Safety. 

This is an ‘entry level’ course, meaning there are no barriers for entry. You do not need any prior learning, qualifications or certificates to take this course and it is suitable for all.

Once you have made payment:

  • A member of our team will contact you for the full names and email addresses of all candidates
  • A learner profile will be set up for each candidate on our Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Learners will be enrolled in the course(s) that you have purchased. 
  • Log in credentials will be sent directly to candidates 
  • Candidates can use the details in the credentials email to access the Learning Management System (LMS) where the course(s) will be available in their profile


Learn Q courses are available online, 24 hours per day 365 days per year so candidates can log in anytime, anywhere and complete them at their convenience. Ideal for those with busy schedules or shift workers.

Courses can be accessed and completed from any device with an internet connection, including desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Candidates do not have to complete the course in one sitting. The Learning Management System (LMS) will remember progress so if a candidate wants to do the course in small chunks they can do, continuing from where they left off.

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Great team, very professional and friendly. Course is very helpful and professionally made. Team always available and helpful. Strongly recommended to all.

Karolina Benton

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I am very pleased with my experience with LearnQual and will certainly recommend it to anyone hoping to start their career in community interpreting. I started learning from the material provided and also participated in the live sessions and both were incredibly well prepared and gave me the confidence to book my exam. The Admin Team is extremely efficient, patient and supportive. Thank you for all your expertise and kindness and wish you all the best for the future!

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I would highly recommend LearnQual to everyone who's thinking of becoming an interpreter !

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Such a good course. I’m so glad I did it!

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This is a great course and its clarify every subjects relate to doing interpreting. I recommend it to everyone wants to have level 3 community interpreting. Thanks again.

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LearnQual were absolutely amazing. The team were really friendly and helpful, the tutor was very patient and thorough during the webinars and the information has been drilled into my head! I just had my first interpreting job and all the information/techniques were useful. I highly recommend this company to study interpreting as they cater for all abilities and genuinely care.


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I would especially like to thank Rob and Joanna for all their help and understanding and explaining everything so well and also replying as soon as possible to any questions that I had to inquire about. LearnQual are a fantastic team.

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Professional and very helpful 👌

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Really good communication Course is great Really happy I joined!!

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All the team is very helpful and kind, the tutor is very professional and the passion for what he does is very clear. The course is very good and enjoyable, I can recommend it without any hesitation. Also it's great that you can study and then take the exam separately when you feel ready.

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Loads of insight and support.

The staff are very helpful and accommodating. Loads of insight and support. I am very happy with the service and high level of great customer service! Thank you, Alina

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Very good course

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Great service

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A very comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable course, lots of information to digest and very pleasantly delivered by the host . Many thanks

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Very helpful n understanding

Sultana Choudhury

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Really good communication Course is great Really happy I joined!!

Zahava Smith

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One of the best courses ever! Delivered with such a positive attitude and professionalism. It is a real pleasure to listen and get involved! Rob and Joanna are so friendly and dedicated. Thank you and hope to keep in touch as you are so lovely! 😊

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Excellent course and the tutor is fantastic. Worth of every Penny.

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Sincere thanks to the LearnQual team for helping me achieve my goal. Their offering appealed to me for two reasons: 1) the relatively low cost; 2) the option to do this entirely online. Our tutor Ayub was absolutely brilliant and it was lovely to meet my course-mates every week.

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Excellent course

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Great Service

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Interpreting course

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The course is well prepared

The course is well prepared, lots of useful tips on the training related with interpreting. The staff is very polite and helpful, explaining step by step of the course. Allows to pay with instalments which is very helpful. Provided with workbook and glossary.

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The way this course is taught by learbQual is very convenient and can be done at my own pace. Overall I would recommend this course at LearnQual to any one who is interested in becoming an interpreter.


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The advisors and tutors are very helpful and professional at all times – I would recomend them.


Level 3 Interpreting Course

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very good 10/10

very good 10/10

Jaber Ali Mohamed


I am satisfied with the service of this company and always kind and helpful staff to help with any question or coming issue.

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This course is a must-have! I could do the course and exam online, the teacher have done a wonderful job keeping the lessons flowing. As a result I improved my language and I passed the exam. I have chosen LearnQual and it haven't disappointed. Many thanks for your support!

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Excellent course tutor.

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Happy with your service

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Great online webinars and fantastic tutors. Ive learnt a lot during the course and everyone was supportive and friendly. Highly recommended course.

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It is one of the best courses on the market. The lecturer Rob is very professional and nice! As well the customer service very helpful and efficient. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it! Laura

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Level 3

I am really happy with way the course is taught, ahd information and content of tue course. I have learned soo much about interpreting and been a professional interpreter. I would advice going with Learnqual as they make you feel quite confident in what you do by tue end of the course.

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It was a great experience and helpful course. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve his knowledge about interpreting. Thank you very much LearnQual 🌺🌺


I must say I am very impressed with...

I must say I am very impressed with LearnQual and their course. The instruction and teaching from Rob was nothing short of excellent. E eruthjh was explained in great detail and everything is there to enable you to feel fully prepared and ready for the exam. LearnQual were very easy to communicate with and whenever I had a query they were happy to help. I would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to study to become an interpreter.


Totally pleased

I am totally pleased with LearnQual. Outstanding review.

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Knowledgeable and experienced

A very useful training and knowledgeable and experienced tutor

Osama Mohamed


Food has to be labelled clearly and concisely, enabling consumers to find all of the information that they require. This information ensures that consumers do not have problems should they have an allergy or should they have specific nutritional needs. Furthermore, if they have any problems with food then they should be able to get in touch with the manufacturer and also understand how food should be stored. Therefore, food is labelled for a number of different reasons.

Consumers have many different needs when it comes to food and they like to know what they are eating. Furthermore, with an increase in allergies and an increase in intolerance to certain foods, food labels are there to protect consumers. They can inform them of any potential harmful ingredients that foods might contain as well as the nutritional value which can prove important for people on strict diets such as fat-controlled or calorie-controlled diets.

It has never been more important to ensure that the safety of consumers remains a focus for food manufacturers and producers. More people now suffer from allergies or have certain dietary requirements which require them to monitor what they eat and make the right choices. Food labels are designed to help consumers learn about the foods that they might consider purchasing, ensuring that the relevant information can be found easily and clearly. This helps to avoid problems with people eating the wrong foods that could pose a health risk, especially for those who suffer with allergies or food intolerances.

A food label must contain a  huge array of information so that the consumer can make an informed decision on what food is right for them for many different reasons. Therefore, all food labels should contain the name of the food, a list of ingredients, allergen information, how much of each ingredient is included, net quantity, storage conditions and dates.

Food labels are not just there to make food packaging look more appealing because it is there to inform consumers. Therefore, food labels will clearly need to state what the product is and it will also need to contain any ingredients that it might include. It will also need to state any allergens that are in the product, the nutritional value as well as where the product was manufactured. All of this information is legally required and can prove helpful when it comes to ensuring consumers remain safe.

Food producers are required by law to label foods in certain ways and this is to maintain safety and transparency. These requirements are based around providing information in relation to allergens, nutritional value, storage and dates as well as ingredients, the volume of ingredients, the weight of the product and how to get in touch with the producer.

There are a number of different food labels that are used to inform consumers about the products they are purchasing. These labels are designed to include as much information as possible as this ensures the safe purchasing and consumption of each product. On foods, you will find labels that name the product, include the nutritional values of food and contain where the food was produced. In addition to this, there are labels that will also clearly state how the food should be stored and used as well as information relating to allergens.

Labelling contains a number of features and these features all serve a certain purpose. Labelling will contain some form of logo which will act as an informative logo but also it is added as a sales element. Along with this, a label will also contain information about the product including the ingredients, the allergens as well as any dates and storage considerations. Along with this, it will also contain information about where the product was manufactured as well as nutritional information. All of this information is designed to ensure consumers feel confident when choosing a particular product.

Food labels can carry a lot of information and there is a lot for consumers to consider if they need to monitor the foods that they eat. As we are now told to make healthier choices or watch what we eat, food labels have never been as important as they are today. Therefore, food labels can vary although they will all contain the same information as they are required to do this by law. As a result, they will contain information that relates to the ingredients, allergens, storage and cooking information and nutritional information too. This has to be clearly positioned and easy to find on all labelling, ensuring consumers can find the data they require.

Food packaging and labelling could be considered to be two different things. The packaging is what will protect the food throughout the transportation process and can include the likes of cardboard or plastic. However, labelling will be positioned on the packaging, so they do work together. The labelling has to be clear because it is designed to help consumers find information that helps them to make a decision on what foods are right for them. Therefore, the labelling will contain a lot of helpful and useful information that has to be included by law and can include anything from the nutritional value of food to the ingredients and what allergens the food might have.

By law, all labels have to meet certain standards. If they do not then they cannot be sold as the information could be considered misleading. Therefore, manufacturers have to remain compliant and ensure that all of their labels contain the relevant information that relates to the product. As a result, it should contain the likes of the nutritional values, the ingredients, allergies, the storage requirements and how it should be consumed, all of which are designed to protect consumers.

The law dictates that certain information has to be contained on food packaging and this is to help keep consumers safe. Therefore, the ingredients have to be included and what was used to produce the food while it is also important that the name of the food is included. Along with this, allergen information has to be added to the label along with the quantity, the storage conditions and the name and address of the manufacturer. It should also contain nutritional information and how it should be prepared.

labelling is essentially information that is placed on all food products that are sold. They have to be placed there by law as the information is vital to consumers as they need it to determine whether foods are suitable for them. Labelling is vital for those who have allergies or are intolerant to certain foods while some might need to choose foods based on their beliefs. 

Labelling has a number of functions because people purchase products based on a whole range of factors. Some might purchase it because of the way it tastes while others might purchase it because of the nutritional value and others might purchase it not choose to purchase it based on the allergens. This information helps people to make safe and informed decisions by telling them all there is to know about the product. As a result, labels are much more than just a part of the packaging but they are there by law as it is vital that consumers know what they are purchasing.

Labelling and packaging both serve a vital role when it comes to food and consumers. Packaging will protect the food during transportation and storage ensuring it is purchased in the best possible condition. Labelling is crucial for consumers because they have a lot to consider when it comes to making a choice. Therefore, you can expect to find a lot of information on every label that helps consumers make a decision based on many different factors. This can include the nutritional value such as the calories, fat and carbohydrates but also the allergens and the ingredients. The label will also contain information about cooking or storing the product and the location where the product was manufactured.

Food labelling is hugely important because of the role it plays when it comes to informing consumers about the product. There is a lot that has to be considered by consumers such as whether foods are suitable for their allergies and whether they have the nutritional value that they need. Furthermore, it can inform people of how to store items and how to use it, ensuring that it is used safely.

Hygiene inspections are an integral part of ensuring that food is prepared or manufactured correctly and in accordance with laws and regulations. Therefore you will need the following to ensure that you are prepared:

  • Completed, signed & dated food safety management system
  • Completed allergen information table
  • Suitable facilities for washing hands
  • Suitable facilities for washing hands
  • A sink for food preparation
  • A fully equipped first-aid kit
  • A probe thermometer
  • Fire protective equipment – extinguishers / fire blanket
  • Proof that you’ve registered your business with the environmental health department
  • A workspace that is easy to clean, safe and tidy while it should be set up so that bacteria cannot multiply and it cannot be accessed by pests.
  • Suitable ventilation
  • Adequate refrigeration for storing high risk products
  • Suitable cleaning equipment
  • Solutions for disposing of waste
  • A means for temperature control & segregation 
  • Portable hot and cold water of drinking quality
  • All staff should have good personal hygiene 
  • Protective clothing – head coverings are advisable though not compulsory
  • Evidence of food segregation such as raw and cooked foods
  • Evidence of hygiene training

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