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Level 3 FAQs

On average, a Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting involves 60-80 hours of learning and can be completed in under 6 months. The LearnQ approach is a practical Level 3 and certification is based wholly on your abilities as an interpreter, which you demonstrate in a practical exam. Because there is no requirement for writing and rewriting multiple essays, the average time taken to achieve our qualification is 10-16 weeks, but ultimately that is up to because you would book the exam when you feel ready. Some learners complete the course quicker or slower depending on their personal circumstances, their prior experience and learning and how much time they have to dedicate to the course.

If you pass the exam you will receive a total of 17 credits.

When you are looking for work as an interpreter, some agencies will ask for a minimum of 15 credits for you to register with them.

Our qualification is UK Government regulated so it is the same as any other Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting.

The major difference is the way that we deliver the information and or exam only assessment approach.

If you go to the ‘About’ page on the website you can find links to the Ofqual site where you can see our qualifications. That means they are genuine, quality products that deliver what they are supposed to.

Our live, tutor-led courses start regularly (at least one per month), but if you don’t want to wait you can start your course using the provided self-study materials as soon as you sign up.

Often students go through the self-study materials 2 or 3 times and join the live sessions as well.

You can only take your exam when you have paid in full, but if you start paying in 8 instalments and want to take your exam earlier you can clear the remaining balance any time you like.

Many of our students take this option.

You need to make your own mind up, but you can practice with other students to help you decide.
The advice and guidance in our preparation course will also help you to decide when you are ready.

If you would rather take a mock exam before your main exam you can do so at a reduced price and this is useful in helping you to understand how the exam will work and whether you are ready to sit it.

There are two parts to the exam:

Part 1: consecutive interpreting. You interpret a conversation between a doctor and a patient
Part 2: Sight translation. You are provided a text in English of around 250 words, you read through it first and then you read it out loud in your other language – like you were reading it for someone who couldn’t read the English version.

That’s it – no questions, no essays, no writing. Just the practical.

Yes, our Level 3 interpreting qualification is completely online so no need to travel.

You can either access our recorded webinars, join them live via a free Zoom link or combine live sessions with recordings.

When you come to take the exam, that is also online via a free Zoom link

It’s very simple – you only need to make your first payment.

Once your first instalment is made you can join the course immediately and start learning.

Interpreting is a practical skill and no interpreter has to write an essay as part of their job.

Therefore, we believe there is no point asking interpreters to write essays – the way you prove you are competent and earn your certificate is by demonstrating your abilities as an interpreter.

The majority of other Level 3 interpreting qualifications require you to complete written essay assessments/exams plus practical assessments/exams.

Written essays are expensive to mark and time consuming to write which makes any qualification that requires written essays time consuming and expensive.

Because our students only have to pass a practical assessment/exam it means we save a lot of money and we pass those savings on to our students.

Unfortunately, the course isn’t funded at this time, but we do have easy instalment options to make it more affordable.

Some of our students get funding from the DWP (Job Centre) or ‘back to work’ charities, so it might be worth speaking with them to see if they can arrange funding.

The LearnQ Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting is an accredited qualification, which means it is UK Government regulated and nationally recognised by interpreting clients and agencies.

This means the qualification can be used to work as a professional interpreter in the UK.

We prefer students to pass first time, which is why you don’t need to take your exam until you are ready. If you do fail, you would need to pay for a resit, but the price of a re-sit is much lower than the first exam.

Level 3 is the entry level qualification for paid interpreters and is often a minimum requirement of interpreting agencies in the UK. It allows you to interpret in community settings including:

· Health
· Mental Health
· Job centres / welfare
· Social services
· Housing
· Education
· Immigration
· Local government

The course takes place over 7 webinars, with each webinar lasting 2 hours.

If you join the live sessions, these take place over 7 weeks (one webinar per week). If you prefer, you can watch recorded versions of the webinars which are available any time you want them, so that means you can compete the course in your own time.

This means you can complete the course much quicker or slower depending on your preference.

After the course, if you want to take the exam it is up to you when you book – you can book immediately or leave it until you have had more chance to revise.

LearnHub is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please bear with us as we work to enhance your learning experience.

Thank you Learn Q