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Nobody can deny that online learning is a great way to try and develop a broad education and learn something new. The idea of online learning seems almost tailored to the modern world – courses you can complete in your own time, from anywhere, with resources available on demand and plenty of remote support. 

However, one of the biggest challenges that a new learner can and often will face when it comes to online learning is the schedule. Being self-motivated and disciplined is never easy, and many people fall short at online education – a waste of incredible potential and talent. 

To try and remedy this issue, let’s take a look at ten ways that you can learn to complete online learning on schedule. 

Pick the Right Study Schedule For You 

The great thing about online learning is that you can pick how long you take to complete the course, which makes life a lot easier for people to deal with. You can spread your classes and lessons out over a period of years, and this can help a lot with studying. 

However, many people don’t choose the right schedule for themselves. The problem goes a little something like this: The majority of people don’t want to commit to 4+ years of studying part-time, so some will try and commit to a full-time schedule, and it doesn’t work out. You need to make sure that you choose the right kind of schedule for yourself – a lot of education providers will break down how many hours a week you’ll need to commit to each schedule! 

Treat it With Respect

A lot of people don’t take online learning as seriously as they would an institution because, for some reason, people think that it isn’t entitled to a level of respect. We disagree with this! 

The best thing that you can do for your online learning is to treat it as if it were, in fact, a real-life class. That means you need to show up on time, take notes, come prepared, and pay attention to the lectures being delivered to you. 

Your mindset towards online learning will reflect itself in the grades you get and the way you handle your schedule. You need to treat it seriously if you want to see serious results. 

Build Discipline 

A lot of people assume, often incorrectly, that discipline is something that comes naturally to a person – unfortunately, this is rarely the case. 

We’ve all experienced motivation before in one form or another – the drive to do something, make a positive change, and grow as people. However, motivation alone isn’t enough to get you through a difficult period. It is an admirable quality, and it can help a lot, but you need discipline. 

Ultimately, this means that you need to force yourself to stick to a study schedule even when you don’t want to. That discipline and focus will take you a lot further than motivation will, which is why it is so important. 

Take Proper Notes

A lot of people assume that they don’t have to take notes when it comes to online learning, and to a certain extent, this is why a lot of people fall behind their desired schedule. 

You need to make sure that while you’re attending these lectures, you’re taking proper notes, which will help you to stay ahead. Not only does this help with retention, but the lectures may also offer up a grain of wisdom or a new piece of knowledge that could be useful later. 

If you want to take it one step further, which a lot of people do, you can take the time to transfer your notes to a properly written document and consolidate your knowledge. This helps with improving retention.

Don’t Be Afraid to Contribute

So, this has a lot to do with treating your online learning with the same level of seriousness as if it were a physical course at an institution.

Obviously, you will go to online lectures, but if you just hang around in the background, and don’t contribute, then you may find that you fall behind schedule. You need to try and put the time in to properly engage with the course and the people teaching it. 

This means that you need to do things like speak to your lecturers where you can, ask questions if you’re not sure, and contribute to the course in such a way that leaves you feeling confident to tackle the work you have.

Learn Time Management

Time management is an important skill to cultivate, and it is what separates successful learners from those who struggle. When we talk about time management, we are referring to the ability to effectively regulate the time that you have, and accomplish a certain list of tasks within that time period.

You need to make sure that you have managed your time effectively. This means assigning a set period where you will sit down and complete the course, and you need to make sure that you accomplish the objectives you have highlighted for yourself within that time. To an extent, this is a skill that you learn whilst you progress through the course, but it is an important skill to cultivate nonetheless. We have written a piece to help with time management, which you can find here (…)

Brush Up on IT Skills

As you are going to be participating in online learning, it makes total sense that you will need to learn how to brush up on your IT skills. Being able to use the software that has been provided to you, as well as taking adequate notes and creating proper coursework for your lecturers to mark, is essential.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you brush up on your IT skills. If you’re not sure how to do something, then you need to learn before the course starts, so you are not working at a disadvantage.

Stay Organised

Organisation is a vital part of remaining on schedule for online learning, but a lot of people have very poor organisational skills. Essentially, organisation boils down to having the right tools for the job.

So, if you’re going to sit down and watch the lecture, you need to make sure that you have the ability to hear the lecture, a strong internet connection, and the ability to take notes. These are all basics for studying, but they fall under the heading of being able to learn key organisational skills. It would help if you were on top of this to succeed. 

Learn to Communicate 

Communication is a core part of everyday life, but it is especially important when trying to learn online. If you’re going to be successful, and you’re going to cultivate a winning method for staying on schedule, then you absolutely need to develop communication skills.

The ability to articulate what you think and then provide a rational explanation for it forms the basis of successful coursework. If you have to write an essay, then you will be expected to reason your arguments. 

Good communication skills form a basis for the rest of your life. Employers and education providers alike are favourable toward people that have good communication.

Remember the Goal 

Why are you choosing to study? What is it that you want to accomplish with online learning? This may seem like a very basic question for some people, but it’s actually an important part of being able to stay on schedule.

A good trick to remain on schedule is to think about where you are going. You need to have a clear focus and a reasonable understanding of what your goals are. This is the kind of thing that provides you with motivation; the reason that you sit down and keep studying is that you’re trying to achieve something. One of the best ways to stay on schedule is to have that motivation clear in your mind. 

Final Thoughts 

So, it’s probably safe to say that online learning can be a challenge for some people. Learning online is often a different beast than trying to go to university or college. It’s important to remember that there are different rules, the expectations are often different, and to a fair degree, it’s a lot more solitary. You’re expected to manage your own time, often in a very relaxed home environment, and some people do, understandably, struggle at the beginning.

However, it’s fair to say that most people can get the hang of online learning. It’s not that difficult; it’s just about staying disciplined, having the right tools for the job, and being good at managing your own time.

These are all skills that a person can learn, and they will serve you well for the rest of your life. Skills like these are the ones that you keep for the rest of your life because they become habits. You change the way you look at the world and approach tasks when you have learned how to manage your time effectively, develop critical thinking skills, or learn how to communicate effectively. 

Learn Q have years of experience of developing high quality, engaging online learning. You will find our courses will be enjoyable whilst you are studying, and most importantly will help you achieve your goal.

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