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One thing is for sure when it comes to running a successful business; you are going to need to have effective management leading the way.  

Management and leadership can be what makes the difference between colleagues knowing what they are doing, and their place in the business and there is a real lack of motivation and morale.  

In order to ensure that you have, or you are, an effective leader or manager, you need to take the time to better understand what is meant by both leadership and management, as well as be able to identify what effective leadership is and the all-important functions of management.  

What is leadership? 

Leadership is when one person (or more than one person) is in charge of leading a team of people within an organisation.  

Understanding Leadership

The idea of leadership might seem straightforward, but it is still something that we should work hard to understand more about and be able to recognise how we can be better leaders within our organisations.  

 Why is leadership important?

Leadership is important because it ensures that colleagues within a business are able to work towards the vision that the company has for its future. They will be able to explain the vision to their team and help to show them what can be done by them all to accomplish those shared goals.  

Leadership will also identify the key skills that are required throughout the team and identify the key team members who are going to be able to deliver those much-needed skills.  

Having someone who can inspire a team is important not only for the business overall but also for the individuals too. They have an example to follow, someone to inspire them and a person to go to when they need advice, guidance or support.  

What is effective leadership?

What are the most important functions of a leader?

It has to be said that being a good leader isn’t something that everyone can do. However, there are lots of things that you can work on and learn more about if you want to become the best leader that you can be.  

A good leader is someone who is decisive. Whilst they may carefully consider the options that are open to them when it comes to making key business decisions, they will feel comfortable being able to make those choices, even when they may seem hard.  

Not only this, but they will also be someone who is able to see things through; they will commit to a decision when it has been made and encourage others around them to do the same thing. Whilst it is possible to lose sight of goals (especially those that are particularly long-term), a leader will be able to focus on them and try their best to reach them.  

It is also important for a leader to do what they say and say what they do. If they expect things from those that are a part of their team, then this same behaviour should be expected of them as an employee, even though they are in a leadership position.  

A good leader will also encourage those around them to grow and develop their own skills. In doing this, they will be able to build a team around them that are only great at what they do but that can also then use what they have learnt working as a part of that particular team and apply it to their future career, whether it is in the same place, or they have moved on to pastures new.  

Why do we value effective leadership?

The answer to this is simple. Effective leadership helps us to be more effective at the work that we do. When we have someone who is essentially at the front, leading the pack, then we are going to feel able to follow them.  

Not only this, but an effective leader is someone who is going to make us feel confident in what can be achieved. Not only by the wider team coming together as one cohesive unit but also by us as people.  

An effective leader will motivate and inspire, ensuring that both long-term and short-term goals are focused on and driven towards even when the going might get a little tough.  

Why is aspiring to become a great leader important?

They say that some people are born to lead, and whilst this can be true, it is important to recognise that sometimes great leadership is something that has to be carefully considered and aimed for.  

Aspiring to become a great leader is important because it shows that you want to be able to change from the front, that you want to be the driving force that helps to push everyone on the team forwards and closer to whatever it is that you want to achieve.  

What is management?

Whilst a leader leads, a manager will manage. They will have a level of control over not only a workflow but also a team too. They will make decisions that can relate not only to the team but also to the wider business.  

Understanding Management

In order to be the best manager that you can be, you are going to need to take the time to understand more about why management is important and what it actually does within a business.  

Why is management important?

It has to be said that without proper management, there is always a good chance that the work that needs to be done isn’t going to be completed. A manager will oversee the performance of the individuals and the team and decide whether or not some changes need to be made. 

This could be to the personnel, to the process or to the production. It all depends on the nature of the business that you work in.  

What are the functions of management in a business?

Management within the business in itself is a function, but you can break down management into separate functions that come together to ensure that a business is managed effectively.  

The first is planning; planning is when you think about what you need to achieve and how best to get there. Plan what actions are going to be taken and decide what resources are going to need to be on hand (this can include which staff members are going to be right for the job). 

Next, you need to organise. You need to organise the finer details of whatever project it is that you have in mind. You also need to ensure that this organisation is going to be clear to those around you too.  

Leadership is also a part of management; you need to be able to inspire and motivate those that you work with to try their best to reach the end goal. You want them to feel energised and able to tackle any tasks that need to be completed and also show them that you have trust in what they can achieve too.  

As a manager, you are going to need to spend some time on staffing. You will need to consider recruitment needs and then work through the process. This could be hiring from outside or from other departments or teams.  

Finally, a manager will control. They will look at how well things are progressing within the team (and whether this is in line with the shared goals) and whether or not things need to change. They can then put in place actions and processes that may make things better and help the business overall.  

What is the importance of management in the workplace?

The most basic answer to this question is that without managers (especially good quality managers), a business would fail. They would not be there to manage and lead a team to achieve goals, many of which will be around the idea of growth and improvement.  

Managers make decisions and take charge of new employee recruitment and training. Without them, those who work within a team would not only not know what they need to do and how to do it; they may even be the wrong person for the job entirely.  

What is the most important role played by management?

One of the most important roles of a manager within a business is to be its backbone. They are the strength that holds the business together and helps to stand tall and keep growing. Managers not only think about long-term goals and how to get to them, but they also consider the more day-to-day operations and requirements of the roles that they manage too.  

As you can see, there are lots of things to learn about leadership and management. The main consideration is just what it takes to make a great manager and how we can all work towards becoming effective in what we do, no matter where we slot in within the team.

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