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Welcome to another edition of News Q, our regular newsletter where we share updates on our latest blog posts, special offers, and upcoming events.

image of food business owner for Learn Q newsletterUnderstanding Legislative Requirements for Food Safety

📢 Did you know that all businesses handling food must comply with food safety legislation?

Find out what it takes to ensure food safety and protect your customers’ health in our latest blog.

Don’t miss out!

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The Importance of Food Safety in Food Business

 Food safety is a vital aspect of the culinary world, and it’s crucial for businesses to prioritize the well-being of their customers. 🌟✅

Discover the importance of food safety and the steps food businesses can take to ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience in my latest article. From compliance with regulations to implementing effective procedures like HACCP, we cover it all! 📚🚀

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Free – Food Safety Poster Pack for Your Business

There is so much to remember about food safety that it is sometimes difficult to keep track with it all.

That’s why we have developed a series of FREE posters including types of allergens, types of contamination, handwashing steps, personal hygiene guidelines and kitchen cleaning processes.

If you would like to download all of our FREE food safety posters in one pack, click here.

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