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All interpreters, regardless of their level of qualification – Community Interpreting Level 3 or Level 6 Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) – should strive to follow the code of conduct to provide the best possible service and to keep themselves and the people they are providing interpreting services for, safe.

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The elements of the interpreter code of conduct are:

  • Accountability: be aware of liability and risk, admit to any mistakes and rectify them
  • Accuracy: preserve the meaning of the message without omissions, additions or alterations while reflecting the register and tone of each speaker.
  • Confidentiality: respect the confidentiality and privacy of all parties
  • Impartiality and conflict of interest: never give advice or express personal opinions. Treat all parties equally and in an objective and professional way. Report any conflict of interest.
  • Limitation of Practice: decline assignments that go beyond your competence.
  • Professional development: maintain, improve and expanding your skills and knowledge. Work toward improving weaker areas. Keep up with any changes in terminology and regularly update glossaries.
  • Respect for all parties: show respect to all people involved in an interpreting assignment regardless of background, ethnicity, sex, beliefs etc.

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