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Interpreting is more than just a career; it provides many other advantages and opportunities that others simply do not.

Click here to download our FREE Advantages of Interpreting poster for a visual reminder of what these are.

  • Rewarding Work: Interpreters positively impact lives by helping individuals access vital services through diverse organisations, especially public services.
  • Helping People: Interpreters make a significant impact on people’s lives, facilitating communication in healthcare and securing housing for families.
  • Highly Skilled Professionals: Interpreters possess excellent language, cultural awareness, and interpreting skills, remaining calm and impartial in their work.
  • Good Earning Potential: Public service interpreters in the UK enjoy competitive salaries with growth opportunities based on experience and specialised skills.
  • Job Growth: The demand for interpreters is increasing due to factors like migration and global communication, providing numerous job opportunities.
  • Cultural Learning: Interpreters gain cultural knowledge and appreciation while helping others understand customs, traditions, and lifestyles from different cultures.
  • Excellent Listeners: Interpreters are attentive listeners, a valuable skill in interpreting and everyday life.
  • Growth Potential: Interpreters can advance through increased language proficiency and qualifications, opening diverse career paths.
  • Orally Fluent: Interpreters must be fluent in at least two languages, offering various opportunities in and beyond the interpreting field.
  • Travel Opportunities: Interpreters can travel within the UK or internationally for assignments or work remotely from home.
  • Understanding Colloquialisms and Regionalisms: Interpreters grasp colloquial expressions and regional variations, deepening their language and cultural understanding.
  • Varied Work Assignments: Interpreters experience diverse assignments, from courtrooms to medical offices, keeping their work exciting and challenging.
  • Wider Social Network: Interpreting exposes professionals to various people, expanding their social and professional connections.
  • Career Opportunities: The interpreting field offers numerous career paths and growth prospects for skilled individuals

You can read the full Understanding the Advantages of Interpreting blog by clicking here

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