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When you think of the term hospitality, then this will cover the broad category of the entire services industry. It covers not only those that provide food and drink but also those that offer accommodation too.  

Hospitality can also be event planning and also businesses that are a part of a local area’s travel and tourism too.  

To understand the hospitality industry more, let’s take a look in more detail at the main sections within it.  

What is the Hospitality Industry?

As we have already covered, the hospitality industry is all the services that provide hospitality to customers. This could be somewhere to eat and/or drink, or it could be a place to stay when they are away from home.  

It is also a place where you can spend time in the evening with friends, such as at a nightclub or bar.  

What are hospitality services?

There are lots of different hospitality services that fit within the broader industry. Each one has its own section of the industry; however, more often than not, they will come together and work as one unit.  

What is considered a hospitality business? 

If a business provides food and/or drink and makes its money through delivering a service, then it can be considered to be a hospitality business. Not only this, but they should also be a business that puts the need and wants of the customer first too.  

What are the key hospitality services?

Within the hospitality industry, there are some key services. Each one has its own place and attracts customers for a variety of reasons.  

Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism are linked to visitors (or tourists) being encouraged to visit a particular area of the world and put money into local businesses. Lots of businesses can benefit from travel and tourism, and many of them form a wider part of this section of the industry.  

Food and Beverages

Food and beverages are, as the name suggests, when business services either food or beverages or perhaps even both. All in return for money. They may be a part of a hotel; they may be a restaurant, cafe or perhaps a bar. Whatever they are, they will have their own attraction for customers and be dedicated to giving them the very best service possible.  


Lodging services are for when someone needs somewhere to stay. This could be for the night or perhaps a much longer term. Lodging can be a variety of accommodation types. This could be a hotel, a hostel or perhaps a holiday park.  

Anywhere that people can book in to stay for a set period of time.  


Within hospitality, recreation is when customers will do an activity in order to rest or relax. They visit them for enjoyment and to soothe and refresh both their body and mind. 

Some examples of recreation in the hospitality industry can be cinemas, zoos and also sporting events and stadiums too.  

What is hospitality and catering?

Catering is a part of the broader hospitality industry. It covers the provision of both food and drinks to customers in exchange for money. This is most likely to relate to restaurants. However, it can also be a variety of other places where you can choose to eat or drink.  

What do Hospitality Management do?

Hospitality management are the people who are in charge of managing a hospitality business. They are going to ensure that the service that is provided within the business is always up to standard, as well as the food and drink that they serve too.  

The management is responsible for ensuring that every staff member who forms a part of the team understands their own part to play and is a key part of the customer experience process.  

Hospitality training and up-skilling

In order to be the very best in the hospitality industry, you are going to want to ensure that every colleague has the best skill and knowledge level possible. This means that they are given the right training and development opportunities to be able to do the best for their customers too.  

They should feel comfortable in up-skilling themselves and tackling a wide range of courses that will help to ensure that they are the best that they can be at their chosen job.

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