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Linguist Directory

Linguist Directory is a website used by employers to find qualified translators, interpreters and language experts. Law firms, public bodies, broadcasters and businesses use the directory to find qualified professionals. Translation and linguistic skills are in great demand for international business negotiations and contracts.

The Linguist Directory works closely with Learn Q to offer additional learning and registration for our students, so they have better access to employment opportunities.

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The National Register of Public Service Interpreters is an independent regulatory body for public service interpreting professionals in the UK. NRPSI’s core responsibility is to make sure that high standards are maintained within the industry, for the benefit of both interpreters and the public.

Not only does the company keep the UK register of Public Service Interpreters, but it also recognises the formal qualifications needed to become a public service interpreter.

NRPSI works to make sure that:

  • Registered interpreters meet the standards for professional practice and conduct
  • Complaints about the competence of an interpreter are investigated correctly
  • The importance of registration is highlighted. Registration helps improve understanding of the added value to both the profession and society
  • The role of a regulatory body is understood
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The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)

The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) is an independent professional membership body for language service providers, practising translators and interpreters. They represent their members and the linguistics industry to raise the profile of the interpreting and translating professions.

All members who joined the body are expected to uphold their code of conduct whilst working as interpreters, translators, or language service providers. ITI does not involve itself in disputes between interpreters and their clients, but they are committed to investigating any alleged breaches of their code of conduct.

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Being part of a regulatory body or directory is a good way to secure opportunities and improve your reputation. Job roles may also be available to members that may not be published elsewhere.

You are not obligated to join a regulatory body or directory, but many professional translators and interpreters choose to join. Being a member showcases willingness to improve and that you adhere to standards set out by the body, which are desirable characteristics for a prospective employer.

Yes, you are free to join different regulatory bodies. There is usually no limit to how many you can join.  Some employers who look favourably on professionals who are registered with more than one body.

The professional regulatory bodies and directories that we work with can help you to find, or be successful for job opportunities. They aren’t a source of direct employment in themselves.

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